How to Get Your 1st Paying Clients THIS Week

Nov 5

This one is for our newer photographers!! We know it’s tough when you’re first starting out. The struggle can be real & we are here for you! Here are all of our juicy tips for getting your very first PAYING clients.

Free Shoot

Decide what type of session you want to have based on the paying session you eventually want to get. For instance, if you want to shoot couples, then do a free shoot with a couple. That way you’re building your portfolio to your ideal client.

Knock it Out of the Park

Prep for ALLLLL the things. Scout your locations, know which posing you want, get your editing style down, and all the other things. This way you can make sure you’re work truly represents you.

Post Everywhere

Don’t wait to “launch” and just DO IT! Don’t have a business account yet? That’s okay. Post it on your personal Instagram account or the Next Door app! Just get it out there and get rolling!

Create a Free Website

You just need a good base website so clients can easily get in touch with you. All you need is a portfolio, a contact page & your pricing. There are so many free website platforms out there so you can get started!

List Pricing Clearly

You don’t need a million options with different add-ons. You’d be surprised to know that most people don’t want customizable options, instead it’s easier for people to just choose from specific options. Fewer options, means it will be easier to understand.

Keep Sharing

Keep sharing until you book with someone. Find new platforms or pages to share on and keep freakin’ going!!!

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