How to Find Your Ideal Client

Jan 7

Hello and welcome to our first video of 2021!! To kick start the year we are talking about how to find your ideal client for your photography business. Let’s dive in on all the details on why you need an ideal client, how to market to them and a peek into our ideal client.

What is An Ideal Client?

An ideal client is a client that you dream of. You’re excited to wake up & go shoot their session and you always get amazing results because they are looking to you as the expert & educator. Most importantly, an ideal client helps you tailor all of your marketing to one person or target market rather to everyone. With an ideal client in mind you can filter all of your content.

Why is this Important?

Filtering your content is important so that you can draw in clients that will be a good fit for your business and at the same time, deter clients that aren’t a good match for you. For example, you might post a lot of wedding content in barns and in ballrooms. Someone who wants a barn wedding might come to your page and think that you’re a great match after seeing your barn content, BUT then change their mind after seeing your ballroom content. So if you tailor your content, you will attract your ideal clients & repel people who aren’t a good match.

Our Ideal Client

Our ideal client is Riley and she has a very intentional wedding who wants a full weekend experience that’s personal to them. She pays attention to every detail & wants their wedding to be a day like no other that their guest can enjoy. Plus, we get into demographics. The couple often has a dog, full-time incomes & enjoys shopping at places like Zara & Anthropologie.

How Our Ideal Client has Changed

Keep in mind, Riley hasn’t always been our ideal client. Our first ideal client was comprised of real people we knew and was much more simple than Riley. As our business has changed, our ideal client has evolved with it. The biggest change being that our ideal client now has more disposable income since our price point has changed.

Where Should You Start?

So now that you know the deets, where should you start? We know it can be overwhelming. The end goal should be a list of EVERYTHING: where they shop, what they like to do, etc. So start by looking back to your past clients & who you really clicked with. Look at what are some of the traits, demographics, or common threads between them. Also, keep in mind that this is a process & you will tweak it.

How to Market to Your Ideal Client?

So now you have your ideal client so the next step is to market towards them. Think of all of your content: copy & images. And then ask yourself if your ideal client would like it. Every Instagram caption you write & every blog image you post should all have your ideal client in mind. For example, we are really focused on joy. So even though we do take series photos because they’re a staple to have, we don’t post them because they’re not aligned with our ideal client.

For even more tips and tricks for your photography business check out the rest of our YouTube channel and our blog.

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