How to Find Your Editing Aesthetic & Style

Sep 3

Finding your own consistent style and aesthetic is very important to your photography business. This way, clients can feel confident in what they’re getting when they book with you. We also know it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what you want, so here are all our tips.

Find Inspiration & Do Your Research

Look at Different Styles

While our examples aren’t the end-all-be-all, they can help separate different broad editing styles. For instance, we have identified four strong and popular styles. Dark & moody is often dark with a strong contrast. Warm & earthy is filled with yellow and oranges and desaturated greens. Light & airy is normally close to true-to-color but the exposure is higher with lots of pretty pastels. Lastly, bright & colorful is super colorful and also close to true-to-color.

Collect Inspirations from Other Photographers

Once you’ve identified different styles, start curating a collection of inspiration in the styles that speak to you. Create a folder on Instagram or on your computer, and save images with editing styles you like. Once you’ve saved enough images, you can see what type of style you’ve gravitated to.

Save Images from Your Own Photos

After you’ve been shooting and editing for a while start to save the photos that are 100% your style. Anything that’s 85% close, don’t add them. Now, within your own photos you can be more precise.

Consider Your Client

In your final stages of collecting inpso and doing research, consider your client and what draws them in. Sure you might suddenly really love a trendy look, but remember that your client is coming to your for your consistent & timeless aesthetic.

Stay in Your Own Lane

Continue Tweaking Your Images

Start playing & tweaking with ALL of your photos. It’s a never-ending process, seriously! Play with different lighting, different backdrops, different colored outfits; play with a variety of scenarios. Eventually, you’ll get closer to a “one-click” preset and find the exact editing that you love.

Put on Your Blinders

Be cautious of going back to edits that you love from other photographers and comparing your work or feeling like you suddenly need to go in a different direction. Staying with your own edits is very valuable and creates consistency. Blinders on and get to work.

Remember this is a Journey

I think every photography has a ton of variations of how they edit. Sometimes we even get in that phase of going back through our old photos and re-editing them. This is OKAY!! It’s a process!

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