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Nov 26

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So you’re probably thinking, um what are you even talking about? Let us explain. You know those uber-romantic pictures you see, when there’s a beautiful portrait of the newlyweds with the sunset casually in the background? Well, let us tell you that it’s far from casual! In fact it’s planned and we recommend planning your day around the sunset too for those stunning photos! Scroll down for how-to get those warm sunset wedding portraits. 


how to achieve warm sunset wedding photos bride guide series


Lucky for our couples, they know that we do this for them. But it’s important to not jump the gun and choose an abstract ceremony start time just because it feels right but instead create a timeline based off of when the sun sets on your day. This will guarantee that we get ooey-gooey sunset portraits.


how to achieve warm sunset wedding photos bride guide series


How to Schedule Your Sunset Photos


Simply Google the sunset on your wedding date, and plan from there! For out couples, we like to go out for a half hour, about 15 minutes prior to when the sun sets. So, if the sun sets at 8:00 pm, we will go out from 7:15-7:45 pm. Once you have that time set, work backwards to set up your timeline. The most important piece to work backwards to is your ceremony  start time. Most couples choose an abstract ceremony start time based on “what feels good,” but instead, it should be a carefully calculated time to get you those pictures you desire!


how to achieve warm sunset wedding photos bride guide series


When During the Wedding is it Most Natural to Do Sunset Photos?


For us, sunset portraits happen at one of two spots during the day. Either during cocktail hour for half of that time or after the dance floor has opened up, so we can sneak the couple away. We’ve found these times to be easiest to enjoy your flow of the day but also get amazing moments captured. This way we’re not interrupting any major moments, and guests are still enjoying drinks or dancing!


So, before you set you official timeline or put on your wedding website that the ceremony starts at 4:00 pm, connect with your photographer and figure out when the ideal time will be!

how to achieve warm sunset wedding photos bride guide series



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Collaboration by our summer intern, Olivia Corcoran


how to get warm sunset wedding portraits

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