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What the Hope Taylor Mastermind is REALLY like…

Welcome to the vlog and welcome to Charleston! For the last 6 months I’ve been a part of the Hope Taylor Mastermind – it’s hosted by Hope Taylor, who is absolutely incredible.

Welcome to the vlog and welcome to Charleston! For the last 6 months I’ve been a part of the Hope Taylor Mastermind – it’s hosted by Hope Taylor, who is absolutely incredible. I’m also surrounded by 10 amazing women from all over the U.S. who are starting to scale, automate, and build their passive side of their business. This is the end of the mastermind so we are doing a retreat in Charleston, SC – I’m meeting up with the girls and the retreat will begin!

Photos by Laura & Rachel Photography

What is a Mastermind?

Before we get too carried away with the retreat, you’re probably wondering… what is a mastermind? A mastermind is when there is one coach and everyone within the group is working towards a similar goal. So for example, Hope is our coach and she is running the mastermind. So everyone in this group is here to learn from Hope but in addition, everyone is equally excited about learning from everyone else in the mastermind.

For the Hope Taylor Mastermind, Hope curated this amazing group of women who all currently have a service-based business and are working towards passive income, building courses, or the education side of their business, anything like that. So as you guys know, we (Cameron & Tia) have courses and we are currently working through how to streamline those, how to reach more students, and everything like that. 

Let me Tell you About It!

So let me tell you about all these amazing women!

Anna Wright is a photographer who just moved to Virginia. She shoot luxury weddings, she is full of class, she is full of style, and she is just the sweetest soul. Elle is hilarious and brings so much energy to every situation. Gina Palmeri lives in Nashville and is the owner of Nash Bash experiences where she does photo walk tours. I like to say that she is sweet AND spicy! She is so kind and so freaking cute. She’s a little ball of energy but she is witty, has quick comebacks, and is so fun.

Courtney Ingram is so kind but in addition, she has this very funny side that would have me cracking up on the other side of our zoom calls constantly. Tori Kelner is a photographer in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York area. She has a super similar posing style to us in that she loves emotion and throughout the entire mastermind I just have felt that she is so insightful and has so much to offer. Jessica is a ray of sunshine. She is the best cheerleader and advocate for everyone around her and you definitely want her on your team.

Corrin is hilarious but also so strategic and a great friend to be around. Courtney Bosworth is kind and is always there if you need a pick me up. Alicia is bold and willing to ask really tough questions, she is amazing. Cat is such an inspiration to me. She approaches business in a way that I want to. She is creating and doing, but also so smart and so strategic. Cat is absolutely a joy and she is so funny! 

And then there is Hope!

And of course, the leader of the Hope Taylor Mastermind – Hope! I have been following Hope for years just kind of as a silent follower but I was obsessed with everything. Cam and I always feel like, yeah we are great photographers, but were more so passionate about the business side of things. We love strategizing, we love thinking through things, we love approaching things with intentionality, and Hope has always done that. I was so excited to apply and get to finally meet her in person and learn from her and it has been a life-changing six months in her mastermind. I cannot thank you enough Hope. You are absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to have a lifetime mentor in you and I hope that I can only start to accomplish all of the amazing things that you have. 

Day 2 of the Retreat

Welcome to day 2! Yesterday we met up early just for drinks and then went over to the AirBnB where we just hung out. We had drinks, we had charcuterie, we had pizza, and then we had Jeni’s ice cream! It was super, super fun to see everyone in person. So today, we are getting ready and then we are going out for headshots!

So we went out for headshots and went to Rainbow Row and it was super, super cute. Then, we came back and did tons of learning time where we got to see Hope’s Quarter Calendar, where she lays out everything and where she lays out her sales, how she lays out her launches. Then after that, we have implementation time where we each got to have like 10-15 minutes with Hope to ask personal questions which was SO amazing. She is unreal, just absolutely incredible! Now, we’re going to get dressed and go out to dinner!

Welcome to Day 3!

Last night we stayed up super, super late, just giggling and having so much fun. We played one of my favorite games, which you go around the circle and say an adjective for every person. It’s basically just a compliment game but like what best describes them and it was just awesome. There were some tears, some snuggles, and a lot of giggles. But then we stayed up super late because Gina had to go to the airport at 4:30am so we stayed up until then. Now, we are going to brunch at Millers All Day. This is going to be the last thing so the rest of us are just going to hang around and it will be the last thing we do together!

Final Thoughts

We finished the mastermind today with brunch at Millers All Day. This experience has been absolutely incredible and I made some fantastic friends. Not only people that will be able to cheer on my business, who will be able to support me, who I can bounce ideas of off, but also people that I truly feel like I was meant to be friends with. That’s just a huge testament to the group that Hope curates and puts together, to be able to have this amazing group of people to support us.

So I had an absolutely amazing time, thank you to Hope, thank you to all of my mastermind girlies, I had so much fun with you guys! And thanks for tuning into my Hope Taylor Mastermind vlog. Until next time, bye!

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