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Carly + Ron Engaged

Hansen Tree Farm Winter Snow Engagement Session by Cameron & Tia

Y’all, get ready for this sweater-filled, cozy, snow-snuggling winter engagement session. You’re going to make sure you check out their mini golden doodle!!

Hansen Tree Farm Winter Snow Engagement Session by Cameron & Tia

Hansen Tree Farm Winter Engagement Session

Yep, we did it. Can you even believe that we’re DARING to show snow during this beautiful Minnesota summer? But c’mon, when your winter engagement session is this freakin’ cute, we can’t even resist. Not to mention, oh-so-soon we’ll be heading up North the Carly’s family’s cabin for Ron and Carly’s backyard wedding, so it’s just very fitting! So today, we’re sharing this Hansen Tree Farm Engagement with y’all!! Yahoooo!

Fans of big ole, open mouth laughs are going to love this. Also, if you’re into cozy sweaters on the cutest humans snuggled in front of wood piles, yep, you’re going to love this too. And a big ole golden sunset made an appearance through the huge pine trees. But, we’ll be honest, and know that Carly and Ron will agree, Lola, their pup, definitely threatened to steal the show. And that’s saying something because we think Carly and Ron are absolutely adorable. But Lola is this lil mini golden doodle who looks like the most perfect princess when snuggled between these guys. We were obsessed.

As we mentioned, the countdown is on to Carly and Ron’s wedding day!! And spoiler alert, we could not be any more PUMPED!! I mean, is there much better than a cabin wedding? In a backyard? Lakeside? Noooooo way! Add into the equation Ron and Carly’s infectious joy and head-over-heels love and we’ve got the best thing ever coming!!!

Enjoy a snippet of their AMAAAAAZING Hansen Tree Farm engagement session!

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