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How to go Viral on Instagram Reels Beginner Version

This is our beginner’s guide on how to go viral on Instagram using Reels. I share three things you should do in your next Instagram Reel.

We have been lucky enough to go viral not once, but multiple times on TikTok and Instagram through reels! You might be thinking “wow your business must be booming if millions of people have seen your videos.” Although, it is amazing too have reached this many people, going viral will not equal better results unless you have a bed of content related to that video. This means, if you do not have similar content on your page that are closely related to that video, they will leave.

Three Beginner Ideas on How to go ViralYour Video Needs to Have a Hook!

Your Video Needs to Have a Hook

In the first 3 seconds you need to hook your audience. It is important to either explain what you are talking about or what you are doing so you can grab their attention. People scroll and scroll so it is vital to grab their attention RIGHT AWAY!

Use Text

Using text in your reels can be that attention getter needed to get your audience out of that mindless scroll that we all do. Text can also be a great way to quickly better inform your audience and make your message more clear. The use of closed captioning is also very important. This will not only make your video accessible to everyone but many people scroll without volume.

Have a Call to Action

Call to actions used to be asking your audience “What is you favorite coffee order?” This is not a productive call to action. Instead, try engaging your audience to tag people, comment and share. This is only going to increase the audience that sees it and then it’s letting the algorithm know, this is valuable content. Don’t say “tag your besties” instead imply that they should send the video to their three besties by saying “four cute poses you must try with your besties”. This is a more natural way to have your audience spread your content.

If you enjoyed this beginners guide to going viral, LET US KNOW! We would love to create an advanced guide to going viral as well. Always remember to check out our YouTube Channel for more educational videos.

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