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Wedding Photography: Our 10 Favorite Easy Wedding Poses

bride and groom kissing during sunset portraits

Join Tia as she chats through our MUST-HAVE, favorite wedding poses with photo examples!

Join Tia as she chats through our MUST-HAVE, favorite wedding poses with photo examples!

10 Classic Wedding Poses for Couples

A great combination of classic poses in addition to poses that capture the emotion and joy of the day!

1. Classic Pose

This is the photo you find on grandma’s fridge! Here the couple will be wrapped around their waist, the bride is showing off her bouquet, with the groom’s hand in his pocket. Smiling straight at the camera, it will be the first one done after their first look!

2. Rotate Chest to Chest

From the classic pose with an easy transition to the next, the couple will rotate in with their belly buttons facing straight towards each other. The bride will then take her back arm with her bouquet and wrap it around the grooms shoulders. The bouquet adds a beautiful floral element up by the face! We typically have them nuzzle noses or rest foreheads and then one with the temples pressed together and smiling straight at the camera. This is a great, classic pose that also gives warm snuggle moments, we love it!!

3. Prom Pose

Another of our favorite wedding poses! For this one, instead of facing chest to chest with their belly buttons facing each other, one will rotate so their belly buttons are facing the same way. This pose offers a lot of variety and allows their faces to get a little more snuggled up! Also, if they both have the same side of their face that they like, this is the shot for them.

4. Backwards V

In this pose, the couple will be facing away from the camera and facing inwards at a V. We love this pose on the wedding day because it shows off everything on the back of the bride, typically. Her hair, veil, back of the dress, and train are all great examples of beautiful pieces to show off! We want to make sure we can get a shot of those intentional pieces, so we use the backwards V and have them turn over their inside shoulders to glance back at the camera.

5. Side Linked

For our fifth pose, we have side linked! We have one person standing facing the camera, while the other stands belly button facing their person. One variation that we love is with the groom facing the camera and holding the bouquet in his free hand to create contrast against his suit, while the bridge wraps both arms around the grooms arm with his hand in his pocket.

6. Butt Shelf

We call this one a butt shelf! It starts with both couples facing in straight towards each other and then the groom picks up the bride and makes a shelf with his arms for her booty and picks her straight up so her head is right about his! This is a great pose to use for an epic shot, its great for sunset photos or with a beautiful landscape behind them and it just feels WOW.

7. Twirl and a Dip Kiss

A super classic and favorite wedding pose, we love to get the bride twirling and go right into a dip kiss with the groom! Another great epic shot, this a great opportunity for the couple to show off their dip kiss that they may have been practicing for other aspects of their day, like their grand entrance or end of their first dance.

8. Baby in a Cradle

This pose is where the groom pics up the bride like a baby in a cradle. Her back arm will come around him and her other will come around the front either on his face or rested on her other hand. Another great pose that can have variations, we love to add a spin, a dip, or swishing back and forth to keep it fun and light-hearted!

9. Walking Towards, Away, and Parallel with the Camera

These poses are perfect transition poses, especially when moving from one area to the next! We’ll finish up at first look, for example. and have the couple start moving to the next spot by walking towards the camera, then when they’re leaving sunset photos we’ll have them walk away from the camera just snuggled up with each other. We love walking parallel to the camera for those epic venue shots, there can be lots of variety with where they look, either at each other, the camera, giggling, just SO CUTE!

10. An Excited, Pumped Up Final Pose

We love to wrap up the photos with a pose that just exudes the joy of the day! Whether it’s jumping, hands in the air, showing off the ring, we want to make sure we have that vibe of like “OMG WE’RE MARRIED!” We love to have them walk back towards their venue after sunset photos and have them celebrate the fact that they’re married and we’ll just go for it!

If you loved our favorite wedding poses, we actually have a ton more education for you! Today we talked about poses and the next step is PROMPTS! Prompts invite emotion, joy, and reactions, so our free guide is focused on our 20 favorite prompts! I’ll drop the link for you – go download it!

Wedding Photography: Our 10 Favorite Easy Wedding Poses Youtube video by Cameron & Tia

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