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Reacting to your MOST Embarrassing Photography Stories PART TWO

Cameron and Tia react to your most embarrassing and awkward moments while photographing clients. I’m sure that we can all relate!

Today’s Youtube video is a GREAT one! We are reacting to your MOST embarrassing stories while photographing. We did a part one of reacting to your embarrassing stories and it was so fun we made part two! If you haven’t seen part one check it out HERE.

It is so funny to hear all of the funny and awkward things that have happened to all of you while shooting. I’m sure we can all relate to these embarrassing moments! Thank you to all of the talented photographer out their who wrote in and allowed us to react to these funny moments!

Thank you so much for watching and we hope you loved hearing all of these funny stories as much as we did. Check out part one, linked above and as always be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so that you don’t miss more fun and educational videos like this one. See you next week!

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