Tess + Jeremy

Apr 16

Romantic Eden Prairie Bluffs Couples Session

Romantic Eden Prairie Bluffs Couples Session

Last fall, we were working with Mollica Films to put together a video for our brand. The goal was to create a video where future clients could get to know a  bit about us, see us in action, hear our voices, and help them decide if we were a good fit for them. Our vision was that they would not only see our shooting experience but really feel what it’s like. We try our best to describe to our wedding clients what our shooting experience will be like. We describe how it’s full of prompts, games, and challenges. The experience is active, movement-filled, and full of fun. But telling someone only does so much.

Too often, we get a ways through an engagement session and our couples start raving about how they didn’t know it would be so fun, they didn’t know what to expect, or they couldn’t have even imagined it would be like that. So, we partnered with Devyn from Mollica for her to help us show what it’s like.

On Brand Couple

While often, Cam and I will joke that the shirt we’re wearing is super “on brand” or something one of us said was “on brand,” we do take our brand super seriously. Our brand is filled with joy-filled, romantic couples. They’re in fields in the fall, chasing after each other with a long dress flying behind the bride. They don’t take themselves too seriously and love to joke around. So when it came time to choose our couple to be featured in the video Tess and Jeremy were a super easy choice. A very easy “on brand” choice 😉 While the shoot was geared towards getting footage of us photographing Tess and Jeremy, we did actually photograph them and this is the product of that! Some of our favorite on brand images! Enjoy our video and the photos!

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