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Wedding Photography: How Many Photos Should you Deliver?

How many wedding photos should you deliver? We spill the principles we follow to ensure we over deliver beautiful images every time.

Today we answer the a big question: “How many photos should I deliver for a wedding day?” This is different for everyone but we are sharing what works for us! It is an important thing to know so that you are able to set clear expectations to your clients and then exceed them! After all, we are here to go above and beyond for our couples and give them the best experience possible.

Principles that we follow:

Under Promise and Over Deliver

We always under promise and over deliver to our clients because we NEVER want to disappoint our couples. When you under promise and over deliver you are setting yourself up for early gallery delivery, higher photo delivery count and really just creating very happy and pleased clients. You don’t want to promise something you don’t think you can deliver on. You want to beat their expectations!

Hourly Photo Delivery

We like to promise our clients around 75 delivered images per hour! This feel good for us because again, we know we can beat that expectation. Having an hourly photo delivery makes sense for us. If you promise someone around 1,000 edited images but are there for 7 hours vs. 10 hours it will all fluctuate.

Delivered Photos

We like to deliver a mixture of color and black and white photos. About 1/3 of the photos delivered are in black and white and we choose those just based off of emotion or how we think the photo would look in black and white. One thing to note, we never deliver an image just in black and white, if we do deliver a black and white image it always has a color option next to it. This is all personal choice.

We try to capture a variety and a number of different images from every part of the day. This includes ceremony, speeches and dances as well. We found after we had gotten married that we didn’t see many delivered photos from these parts of our day. So, we make it a point to capture these parts of the day well because we put ourselves in our clients shoes. What would they want to have?

Same Day Slideshow and Previews

On the day of a wedding (if it works in the timeline) towards the end of the night we put together a same day slideshow for our couples. This consists of about 20-30 of all parts of their day. Then the Tuesday after their wedding they get a full blogpost preview. This is typically about 100 images. As well as it being posted on our blog, we send them all of those photos through Pic-time so that they are able to download high-resolution copies of these images to share on instagram or any social platforms as well.

As always we hope you loved this video and learned a few things along the way. We love to go above and beyond for our couples and you should do! As always don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel. Leave any questions you have for us in the comments of this video! See you next Thursday with a new video!

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