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Canon EOS R5 – Our Settings Walk Through

Today we go through all of our Canon R5 setting. We have been loving our Canon R5 and want to share all of the settings we’ve been using! Enjoy!

Hello! Today we are sharing all of our Canon R5 camera settings that we are loving. We will go through every setting that the camera offers and tell you our preference and why we chose it. Remember, this is all personal preference. These are the settings that we have been loving and that have been working for us. Enjoy!

Getting Started (0:55)

The most basic things you can do when shooting photos, is shoot in RAW. This is very important. We also love to shoot in auto white balance with white priority. This works perfectly with our style. Play around with your white balance to see what works best for you!

Shutter Mode (2:49)

The R5 has amazing capabilities being able to shoot 20 photos a second but we chat about why that is not something we use! We talk a little about face tracking and how great that has been for us!

Customization of Buttons and Dials (17:00)

This has been so great for us. We chat quickly about the photo settings, using back button focus and using servo.

My Menu (21:05)

This allows us to pull out the wetting we use most often so that we don’t have to go deep into the setting and find the one we want. We can go here first!

Quick Menu (23:11)

These are the buttons on the back of the camera covering high speed continuous shooting, metering mode and cropping and aspect ratio.

We really hope that this helped you and you can use this information on your Canon R5. If you have any questions please leave a comment on our video, we would love to help! Check out our Youtube channel for more educational videos.

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