3 Ways to Build Your Photography Portfolio

Jul 16

Today, I’m sharing how to build up the biggest, baddest wedding portfolio out there. I’m sharing the three ways that I would build it up if I was starting this year. With these tips in mind, you’re going to have a bomb wedding portfolio in no time!

Second Shooting

Some wedding photographers are a one-person team and need YOU to help get new angles and shots during a wedding. You can check out local Facebook groups where photographers may ask for help on specific dates. OR you can be bold and directly connect with photographers that you love. Introduce yourself, be honest, and tell them how you can serve them.

Associate Shooting

Some photographers have created brands that have multiple photographers underneath them. So if the lead photographer (or person who owns the brand) is unavailable, they may ask you to shoot the event for them. In this case, they take care of EVERYTHING from communication to editing. Your only obligation is to show up the day-of and shoot as the lead photographer. Associate shooting allows you to have a mentor, work in new venues, AND can expose you to your ideal client.

Styled Shoots

If brides and grooms are getting married in a specific venue and see that you haven’t shot there, they may not be confident in your ability to shoot at that venue or in the venue’s style. A styled wedding shoot is the perfect opportunity and trial run so you have images and experience so future clients can feel confident in booking you at that venue. PLUS styled shoots give you more control if you want to shoot a certain wedding style that’s not apart of your portfolio. Seriously, styled shoots are amazing AND so much fun!

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