Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Nov 11

Bavaria Downs Wedding with Bridesmaids

While your wedding dress is undoubtedly most important, you can’t forget about what your bridesmaids are wearing as well! We believe in the importance of making sure your bridesmaids are comfortable and confident, that way they can keep all their attention on you and your day, rather than fusing over how their outfit looks. It’s typical for bridesmaids to be in dresses that are either all the same or slightly different, whether they represent different colors from your theme or are different styles of dresses. While those options are amazing, we thought we would shine some light on other options if you and your bridesmaids are feeling a little daring! Here are some fun bridesmaid dress ideas!


Jumpsuits are SO in right now and cute. We love the extra level of comfort they allow for bridesmaids as they walk down the aisle and join you on the dance floor. AND since they’re pants, you will most definitely stand out even more!

bridesmaid dress ideas
Both images: One Fab Day which features 17 Ways to Style your Bridesmaids in Jumpsuits
bridesmaid dress ideas
Image on Left: Two Birds New York Image on Right: She Dress

Long Sleeves

Or any sleeve! Maybe a cute cold-shoulder look, off-the-shoulder look or bell sleeve. There are so many options with sleeves and each way is stylish and unique. Not only will your bridesmaids be slaying the fashion game, but they might stay a little warmer during these fall and winter months ahead!

Left, Middle, Right

Velvet or Silk

bridesmaid dress ideas
Left, Right
Left, Right

Velvet is back in and we love it. What’s not love about how lush it looks, plus it’s soft and feels great. A little texture never hurt anybody! Plus, silk is sexy, trendy, and absolutely gorgeous on camera.


Okay, out of all of our crazy bridesmaid dress ideas we know this one sounds the craziest, but it’s doable and it won’t steal your thunder. Having everyone in all white is a surprising but amazingly beautiful aesthetic. Plus it will allow all of those little details like your accessories and bouquets pop that much more! And you can always have other differences so people can tell who’s the bride like length, fabric or style.

Left on Brides, Right on Martha Stewart Wedding (26 Chic Bridal Parties in All White)

We hope this provided some inspiration for picking out your bridesmaids dresses!

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