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Booking Photographers: How Long?

So, you’ve booked your photographers and now you’re working on your timeline, which is probably the hardest part. So where do your photographers fit and how long should you book them for?

Sunset portraits at Brackett's Country Club

So, you’re booking your photographers and trying to work on your timeline, which is probably the hardest part. So where do your photographers fit and how long should you book them for?

Booking your photographers

Figure Out a Basic Timeline

Yes we know we just said this is one of the hardest parts, but it has to be done and it will help you figure out what your day will look like. And remember, your wedding day isn’t just about the ceremony and reception, but also the entire process of getting ready beforehand too. So figure out how much time that will take, from the moment you start getting ready to the time you leave expect to leave the dance floor. Either your planner can help you with this or some photographers will also help you.

The Hutton House in Medicine Lake Minnesota

Decide on Priorities

Once you’ve got your timeline, figure out how much of it you want documented. While we recommend the full day, sometimes couples don’t want the getting ready process or the final moves on the dance floor. So sit down with you fiance and figure out what moments are important to you and how much you want you photographers to capture.

Bavaria Downs Chaska Minnesota Wedding

Our Process

We’ll provide our approach so you can get an idea about what this process will look like with your photographers.

Booking your photographers

We always start by meeting up with our couples and booking them as soon as possible so they can get the day they want. Our wedding package is full day coverage. It starts an hour and half before their first look and finishes 30 minutes into open dance floor time. After booking, we’ll start by drafting up a sample timeline. At that point, our couples get a good feel for what full day coverage looks like. Then. they can figure out if they want additional time depending on their unique day. This is incredibly rare with our full day coverage. From there, we reserve the entire day for our couples and make sure we have 0 conflicts or appointments on that day. We don’t require additional hours to be added until four weeks before, but they can add them any time up until then!

Booking Other Photographers

Some photographers will require that you select your coverage timing at booking. Obviously, this is way more tricky. Follow the steps above to help guide you (figuring out a basic timeline and identifying priorities).

Cameron and  Tia Photography: husband and wife duo

As always, we love sharing out advice to you as you go through your crazy wedding planning journey. Hopefully this helped you decide exactly how long you want your photographers for!

Booking a photographer for Hutton House Wedding

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