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It’s our 100 favorite wedding images of 2021! What a year this has been! With 31 2021 weddings, we had thousands of images to look back on from an entire (crazy!) year of work and finally decided on our favorite 100.


Are you looking for the best tools for photographers? We’ve linked up the tools we use (and why we use them) for everything online! Client management, gallery delivery, website platforms, and more – we’ve got it all here!


A Florida fairytale is the perfect way to describe this Royal Crest Room wedding! Enjoy the preview of Moriah & Joe’s wedding!


We are SO giddy to post this blog. We just love SO many choices they made on their day. Plus, they were blessed with amazing weather, the best friends, and the kindest family, so serving them on their day was a breeze.


We were so pumped to join Nikki & Evan in Girdwood, Alaska for their destination engagement session. They currently call Alaska home so this was so special to photograph them there.




High school sweethearts, photographers, and educators based in Minneapolis, MN

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Today, we’re hitting you with one of our fast and furious TikTok tutorials. We are showing you how to use text-to-speech. Text to speech is one of TikTok’s accessibility features – if added to any of your videos, it will automatically read out loud any of the texts that’s on the screen. Let’s jump right […]

Today we are talking about 5 ways to prepare for your first year of wedding photography. If you are thinking about starting your first season, this video is for you! We are going to talk about the ways to get you ready to rumble AND make sure you thrive in the long run. Number 1 […]

photographer teaching beginner photographers

Mackenzie and Patrick’s Willow Brooke Farm is filled with gorgeous, personal vows, an insane, raging dance floor, and even a double rainbow! Come see the gorgeous Willow Brooke Farm property!

Hello and welcome to our channel! Today, I’m talking about 7 things that you must keep in your trunk as a photographer. I’m going to show you all of the things that we keep in the back of our car to make sure that we are prepared for any circumstance that might come up. Number […]

photographer showing pop up tent

Hello, I’m Tia, and today I am breaking down a TikTok tutorial for you called, TikTok for dummies in 2022! If you are a beginner to TikTok, I am showing you everything you need to know to understand the app and be able to post your first video. Let’s jump right into it! Walk Through […]

photographer teaching how to use tiktok

Abby & Matt’s Northern Pacific Center wedding was truly one of a kind. But, when everyone is out to celebrate these two amazing people, you know it’s going to be unreal. They are pure joy and have curated a group of people around them that feel the same way.

Today, we are talking about how to make a same day slideshow fast! Tia walks you through what a same day slideshow is, how to create them, and how same day slideshows are a HUGE marketing tactic for us! What is a Same Day Slideshow? So first, what is it and how do we make […]

photographer educating on how to make a same day slideshow fast

Emily & Zach’s Bold North Cellar wedding was perfectly planned down to all the rose gold. But more importantly, they spent the day at Carlos Creek Winery where Emily had basically grown up. Her grandma has a property in Alexandria and so summers were spent up at the lake.

Today we are talking about how to get on preferred vendor lists. Stayed tuned for our tips and tricks, and to get more info about our brand new course – The Business Lab! We are wedding photographers in Minneapolis, Minnesota that have a built a full-time, 6 figure business that allows both of us to […]

photographer making video on how to get on preferred vendor lists

Welcome back to the Cameron & Tia show, it’s Tia! Today, we are going into 3 photography website must haves. There may be something special at the end of the video if you stick around! Let’s do it! Now, here’s the deal. A lot of these are going to be DUH and you’re going to […]

Photographer teaching about photography business website must haves

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