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Blog a Winter Wedding with Me!

Today, I am taking you with me to blog a winter wedding! One way that we love to serve our clients with intentionality is to do a blog post the Tuesday after the wedding.  Typically, they’ve already seen a preview the night of their wedding, then we put together a blog post that is typically […]

Today, I am taking you with me to blog a winter wedding! One way that we love to serve our clients with intentionality is to do a blog post the Tuesday after the wedding. 

Typically, they’ve already seen a preview the night of their wedding, then we put together a blog post that is typically about 100 plus images. It shows really ever part of the day from getting ready, to bridesmaids, to their first kiss and first dance, a little highlight of everything. We are curating it to what will look best on the blog and what’s going to serve future clients, but the number one priority is to serve the current clients. It’s something they can share with their family and friends and it typically blows up on social media.

So today I’m going to take you with me and take you into my computer screen and show you all the steps to blog a winter wedding and get it ready to rumble. Now, before we do that, this is just one piece of our client workflow. If you want to learn every step of our client workflow, we have a business course that takes you through the entire process. From when that inquiry drops in your inbox to delivering their gallery and collecting reviews. We show you every step along the way, the programs that we use, the tools we use, how we automate it and make it efficient. If you are interested, check it out HERE! Let’s jump right in!

Welcome to my Computer

First thing I’m going to do is highlight all of the blog images and drag them into BlogStomp. While it’s loading I’m going to go to the back end of our website. The backend is called WordPress so I’m going to log in real quick. 

Once I’m in WordPress, I’m going to find Sarah & Logan’s blog. This is all prepared by our Director of Operations, Shelby. She prepares the blog post with all of the vendors and all of the information that we get from our questionnaire. 

If you are struggling with a questionnaire, you just don’t know what to ask and you’re lost on what information you need to gather.. we have a questionnaire in our shop that is super affordable and has all of this info. You can find it HERE

Back to Blog Stomp

When I blog a winter wedding, I’m going to change all of the file names so that’s the file name of the venue. That’s because we definitely want to rank on SEO. Then, I’m going to do the first thing that is probably one of the hardest of the whole process. It’s finding the header image for the blog post. I am looking for a horizontal photo of the couple. 

Then, I’m going to find another photo of details that is emblematic of the day that don’t need to be full size.

Crazy, Crazy Day!

This was a really fast paced day. Hair finished about 45 minutes late and in winter, that is really tricky. We can obviously make up a pretty good chunk of time by doing portraits faster. Unfortunately, that means less photos because we’re trying to go faster. 

It’s hard to make up time in the winter because you’re already going in and out to keep everyone warm. Also, the sun goes down so early that the day is just shorter. Because of that, there’s not a ton of extra shots. 

Telling the Story

I like to start out by telling the story of the day with a venue shot and then some of their invitation suite. Once I do that, it goes pretty fast. I go in the order of the day and tell the scene of the morning, then getting ready, and so on. 

So I flagged all of these photos yesterday and then Cam edits them. It’s a very fast turnaround but it works to get the blog finished on time. 

We actually only did individual portraits once this day because it was a crazy day. Normally we would be able to do like portraits outside and portraits at a different locations, but that wasn’t possible today. 

About the Couple!

Sarah & Logan are just the perfect fit for each other. They each bring their own pizzazz and flavor that’s really, really fun and we were so excited when they reached out. 

This summer we did an engagement session where they borrowed his brother’s canoe and did their photos on Lake Harriet. It was epic! 

During speeches as you can see in the photos, they stood. Love this, you guys! 10/10 move. They can fully see and react to the speaker AND all of the guests can see the couple as well. It was phenomenal. 

We also got an amazing shot during reception of all of our Cameron & Tia couples. Tess & Jeremy is where we initially met Sarah. We had a couple from 2018 and 2019, then a couple that did a ceremony in 2020 and a renewal in 2021. We love taking this photo if possible, it just means so much to us.

Gallery Uploaded

Once the gallery is uploaded into the blog, I go to my notes app. I normally write a little paragraph about the venue and then another one about the couple and the day. I normally do this the day after the wedding or the night of to get everything that’s fresh on my mind. 

Something unique for this couple and blog that we wanted to do is feature all of the weddings that Sarah & Logan have been to with us. Sarah has been at a ton of weddings that we’ve photographed and we love to highlight that and show that. 

We have photos from our bride Tess’ wedding when we first met Sarah. Then we have photos of her as a bridesmaid in another wedding in 2019. We have two photos of both Logan and Sarah at other weddings in 2020 and 2021, then photos of them on the dance floor. And finally, we have a photo of them from a wedding two weekends ago! So we’re adding them to the very beginning of the blog post. Not something we typically do, but something we wanted to highlight. 

Final Touches to the Blog

I’m going to scroll all the way down and input the final details. Then, I’m going to enter the meta description and make sure that the SEO analysis and readability analysis is all green and good to go. I’m also going to find a featured image that is the blog image on our website. We try to make sure that it looks good both horizontally and vertically on the blog. 

Finally, I’ll add a link before all of the photos to our pic-time guest gallery. Two reasons we blog: one for the couple. Two, this is an advertising platform for us. It shows future couples what they can expect from their wedding day. We also want our couples to be able to share this with their friends and family and show their wedding day. When people get to the blog, we want them to have a link to the photos so they aren’t screenshotting and sharing our photos that way. 

Once it’s published, we check it out and make sure it all looks great! 

We hope that was so helpful to be able to jump inside our computer and see us blog a winter wedding. If you love step-by-step tutorials like this, drop a comment down below! I love to chat in the comments! Be sure to like and subscribe for future videos and until next time, BYE!

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