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The Best AI Photo Editors in 2023: A Comparative Review of Imagen and Aftershoot

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In the ever-evolving world of photography, artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way images are captured, processed, and edited. The AI photo editing landscape is more vibrant than ever, with new contenders vying for the top spot. In this blog post, we will explore the best AI editors of 2023, Imagen and Aftershoot. Here, we compare […]

In the ever-evolving world of photography, artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way images are captured, processed, and edited. The AI photo editing landscape is more vibrant than ever, with new contenders vying for the top spot. In this blog post, we will explore the best AI editors of 2023, Imagen and Aftershoot. Here, we compare their features to determine which one comes out on top. While both are powerful in their own right, we are thrilled to reveal that our preference lies with Aftershoot.

Aftershoot: A Comprehensive AI Photo Editor

Aftershoot automated culling and editing

Aftershoot CULL

One of the most time-consuming tasks in photography is the process of culling. Aftershoot simplifies this task with its remarkable CULL feature, which offers the following advantages:

  1. Duplicate Detection: Aftershoot intelligently detects duplicate images, streamlining the culling process and saving precious time.
  2. Grouping Similar Images: The AI tool assesses images to group similar-looking ones together, taking into account the different shooting styles used.
  3. Best Image Selection: With its proprietary and patented (pending) selection algorithm, Aftershoot can identify the best image from a series. It considers various factors such as Emotion, Context, Composition, Sharpness, and the photographer’s personal style, ensuring you pick the cream of the crop.
  4. Customizable Sensitivity: Aftershoot provides customization options to fine-tune settings for the culling process, allowing you to control the number of images delivered for review.
  5. Context-Aware Delivery: Aftershoot ensures you never miss a moment by delivering one image from every group. It even warns you when a better image cannot be found from a set, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  6. Fully Offline: Aftershoot operates offline, leveraging your machine’s compute power for enhanced convenience, safety, and security.
  7. Direct Export: The tool offers seamless export into popular photography software like Lightroom and Capture One, streamlining your post-processing workflow.

About Aftershoot EDITS

your photos your decisions aftershoot ai

Beyond culling, Aftershoot’s editing capabilities are equally impressive, making it an all-in-one solution for photographers:

  1. Personalized Learning: Aftershoot learns from your past edits to build a personalized AI profile, affectionately referred to as your “personal Muse.” This feature enhances efficiency and consistency in your editing process.
  2. Intuitive Slider Adjustments: The tool works by adjusting commonly used sliders, mimicking the editing process in Lightroom. This familiarity makes it accessible for photographers of all levels.
  3. Comprehensive Editing Options: Aftershoot covers essential editing aspects like Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, White Balance, HSL, Tone Curves, and more, granting you full control over your final image.
  4. Context-Aware Tools: The AI offers aware cropping and straightening tools, enabling you to focus on the subject and correct composition issues during post-production.
  5. Offline First Application: Just like in its CULL feature, Aftershoot’s EDITS work offline as well, ensuring you can edit your images without an internet connection once your personal Muse is established.

Imagen: Unleashing the Power of Personal AI Profiles

Personal AI Profiles

One of Imagen’s standout features is its ability to analyze your previous photo edits and create a Personal AI Profile that encapsulates your editing style. This profile becomes a valuable asset in your editing journey, enabling you to achieve consistent and accurate results effortlessly.

Applying your Personal AI Profile to your Lightroom Classic catalog is nothing short of a breeze with Imagen. The process takes less than half a second per photo. This ensures that you can enjoy the fruits of AI-driven editing without any delays.

Intelligent Adjustments

Harnessing the power of AI, Imagen’s Personal AI Profile knows precisely what adjustments to make to your images. From white balance and exposure to color correction and more, Imagen’s intelligent AI is your virtual assistant for impeccable edits.

In the pursuit of perfection, Imagen empowers you to review and tweak the results in Lightroom. This hands-on approach not only allows you to maintain control but also facilitates continuous learning and evolution of your Personal AI Profile.

Amplifying Your Style

To build a robust and accurate AI Profile, Imagen encourages users to upload up to 3,000 previously edited photos. The more images you share, the better Imagen comprehends and mirrors your unique style, resulting in truly personalized editing experiences.

Beyond personalization, Imagen also offers a curated selection of pre-built Talent AI Profiles crafted by industry-leading photographers. These profiles allow you to explore various styles and apply them to your own images with Imagen’s AI wizardry.

Speed and Affordability

At Imagen, speed and affordability are top priorities. The platform is committed to providing the fastest photo editing solution in the industry, all starting at an impressively low price of only $0.05 per photo. Imagen ensures that AI-powered editing remains accessible and convenient for all photographers.

Imagen and Aftershoot Demonstrate Prowess in the Field of AI Editing

Aftershoot impresses with its versatile CULL and EDITS capabilities, along with personalized learning and offline functionality. On the other hand, Imagen stands out with its innovative Personal AI Profiles, lightning-fast application, and the option to choose from pre-built Talent AI Profiles.

As technology continues to evolve, Imagen and Aftershoot remain at the forefront of innovation, which is why we believe they are the best AI editors of 2023. They make AI photo editing a seamless and enjoyable experience for photographers of all levels. Whether you prefer the power of Aftershoot’s customization or the convenience of Imagen’s AI Profiles, both tools are undoubtedly valuable assets in the modern photographer’s arsenal. Embrace the future of photography with AI-powered editing and elevate your creative vision to new heights!

P.S. Interested in trying one (or both) of the best AI editors of 2023 out?! We got you! If you’re interested in trying out Aftershoot, click our link HERE for 15% off. If you’re interested in Imagen, click our link HERE for 1,500 free edits! Happy editing!

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