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3 Ways to Avoid Getting Ghosted

Photographers: have you ever had a magical inquiry fall into your inbox? You respond right away and then you hear nothing. Yep, you’ve been ghosted. We’ve compiled out top three tips to avoid getting ghosted.

Photographers: have you ever had a magical inquiry fall into your inbox? Dream couple, dream venue, dream vibes? You respond right away and then you hear nothing. Straight crickets. Yep, you’ve been ghosted.

We feel ya. Which is why we’ve compiled our top three tips to avoid getting ghosted. Read through and at the bottom, grab a lil freebie! Get ready to turn those leads into consultations!! Wooohoo!

Don't get Ghosted: Email Template Freebie

Respond Quickly

There are many advocates of work-life balance, turning off phone notifications, and keeping set work hours. We agree, but for an inquiry, we make an exception. We want to respond as quickly as possible. Here’s why; often inquiries may be shopping around. There’s isn’t a problem with that. They want to compare visions, pricing, and offerings. Couples are making a HUGE investment, so this is totally valid. Also, couples are SO excited to be planning. They just spent time narrowing down websites, mustered up the courage to reach out, and they are ready to rumble. So the faster that you get back to them and answer their questions, the better chance that you are going to satisfy their desires. We always respond to inquiries as fast as possible and multiple times couples have commented on this practice.

Don't get Ghosted: Email Template Freebie

Make it Personal

Many contact forms ask for personal details about the couple, their vision, and what they love to do in their free time. If you are going to request that they take the time to share about themselves, it’s only fitting that you take the same amount of time to respond to these pieces. Find connection points, comment on unusual hobbies, and ask questions. First off, it’s basic psychology that humans love talking about themselves. So make them comfortable by allowing them to do so. But second, this will set you apart. It’s so easy for photographers to send back a bland email template with pricing and links to their portfolio. And in such a saturated market, it’s incredibly likely that couples will have two responses in their inbox with identical pricing, editing styles, and offerings. But when one response comments on their corgi and says that they have the same fav brewery – it’s obvious who’s going to win out in this battle!

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Have a Bomb Email Template

Speaking of templates, we do not think you should get rid of them – no way!! Templates are amaze and we’ve got a template for literally everything! We’re just saying that you need to take it from bland to bomb!! It needs to drive conversions and get your inquiries to your next step in the workflow (in our case, it’s an in-person consultation). Test different variables and modify it constantly! Lucky for you, you can snag our tried and tested template! Make it your own and take those leads from inquiry stage to consult in one easy step – YAY!

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Don't get Ghosted Email Template Freebie

Grab the Template: Avoid Getting Ghosted

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