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Nikki + Jeff Engaged

When we met Nikki and Jeff for their St. Anthony Main session, they had already had an engagement session with another photographer. So, we decided to change it up and goof around more to try to capture the authentic Nikki and Jeff.

Authentic Engagement Session

When we met Nikki and Jeff, they had already had an engagement session with another photographer. They had already gotten some standard romantic shots. And too many walking shots for their taste. So, we decided to change it up and goof around more (also, way less walking 😉 ). Our goal was to try to capture the authentic Nikki and Jeff.

We constantly tell clients that we want to see how they hug each other, not how we think they should hug. We honestly believe that engagement sessions are supposed to capture our couples being themselves. It’s not a Pinterest version of what we think they should be.

Nikki and Jeff were the best example of this. They did not hold back in front of the camera. They were not shy or reserved. From the start, they knew they wanted to be themselves, as authentically as possible, so they went ham. So they dove in. We let them play and goof off (which of course, included lots of surprise licks instead of kisses) and the result was something awesome. Most important to us, is that our clients love how their photos turn out. We know that part of the secret sauce to making this happen is that they enjoy themselves –that they laugh, and play, and yes, sometimes lick each other. So we were over the moon with Nikki’s review:

Nikki’s Review:

“Ok guys, I have to rave for a minute. A couple months ago, I decided to switch photographers for a variety of reasons, and came across Cameron & Tia Photography. My FH was indifferent to the change.

We had our [technically 2nd] engagement shoot with them last night at St. Anthony Main and Y’ALL, it was a BLAST. My FH and I absolutely hate having our photos taken, and I have horrid anxiety about doing it in front of an audience (St. Anthony Main was packed last night).

So, we started in more secluded areas away from people and eventually ended up in a more high-traffic space to get shots my FH and I really wanted – urban cafe/bar scenes among an amazing ambiance of dusk and patio lights, surrounded by greenery, beautiful brickwork, and the lively bustle of Minneapolis summer nightlife. We had so much fun with Tia & Cameron that we didn’t even notice the hundreds of people coming and going around us.”

Isn’t she the sweetest?

“Tia’s super bright and happy personality completely made us both feel comfortable and natural doing something neither of us are ever comfortable with. And she was HILARIOUS. Her ideas were so funny and really helped us bring our natural selves out. Cameron was like a chameleon – he blended in so well I literally didn’t know at times that he was RIGHT next to me getting some serious money shots. He was so cool, calm and collected in analyzing those candid moments and unique angles. They’re a wonderful balance between each other.

Anyway, you guys, I just can’t say enough great things about this amazing photography duo. My heart is just so full and happy knowing we made the right choice. Even though he was indifferent at first, after seeing our photo sneak peeks he is as happy as I am that we switched.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos ” – Our sweet client, Nikki

Enjoy Nikki and Jeff’s e-session. We can’t wait to be a part of their big day in September!

Authentic Minneapolis Engagement Session

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