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Heather + Mark Engaged

This engagement session is full of everything we love: Heather and Mark dressed to the tens, a Kindred Blooms loose, beautiful bouquet, one of our favorite locations, and Heather and Mark just lovin’ every second!

Romantic Hillside Engagement “Perfection”

At some point the wedding industry tricked us into thinking that your engagement session must be perfect. And that definition of perfect is a stunning dress with perfect weather and a lovely styled bouquet by Kindred Blooms. And we’re not here to say that that’s something that shouldn’t happen. Because we’re in love with these images of Heather and Mark. They dressed for success, with Heather’s long, dramatic white dress and Mark’s button down. Kindred Blooms created a loose, delicate bouquet full of spring colors and deliciousness. And then we photographed them at one of our favorite locations, the Eden Prairie Bluffs where the romantic hillside just rolls on and on. So perfection? In almost all the ways.

Weather Defined This

The weather though, was less than that perfect, sunny, breezy day you pictured. It stormed all day leading up to the session. And not in a light sprinkle kind of way. There was thunder and lightning and dark skies. But Kindred Blooms had already created this pristine bouquet for us, so we went for it. And it defined this shoot for us. While it was the opposite of the typical perfection, it could not have been better for us. The wind blew in huge gusts. It poured rain for most of the shoot. And the storm lifted the tall grasses, Heather’s hair and dress, and the ribbons on the bouquet to give us the most amazing feeling of motion. To us, it feels ALIVE. And we absolutely love it.

Go with the Flow

As with anything, if you’re willing to go for it, it almost always pays off. Let your dress get dirty on the wedding day – it’s what you bought it for after all, so why would you spend the whole day protecting it for the dirt. Climb that last hill, just in case the view on the other side is totally worth it. And run through the hillside with your loved one by your side embracing it as it storms down on you because it just might produce this, which is exactly what Heather and Mark did. They are the best kind of couples! Full of life, fun, and excitement and it was a joy to photograph them!

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