3 Tools Every Photographer Needs

Sep 24

These 3 tools are a MUST, they’re are like the holy grail and the starting point for what you need for your photography business. Whether you’re brand new to starting your biz or are ready to take the next serious step, you need these tools. So, take a seat, and get ready to download the ultimate game-changer for your biz.

CRM (Client/Customer Relationship Management)

This is one program or tool to keep you organized. It takes care of payments, contracts, scheduling, emails, seriously EVERYTHING!! Plus, we’ve already broken this down in our post about Honeybook, the system that we use and love. If you’re set on becoming a professional photographer, then make the investment in a CRM. This way you’re not trying to juggle multiple tools in the beginning and then jump in and have to transfer everything later. INVEST!

Gallery Delivery System

You need something professional to deliver all of your photos. It will look amazing and so appealing to your clients. It’s professional rather than having to meet up to airdrop the photos. Plus, it can automate your system and automatically deliver your gallery when scheduled. Lastly, passive income can be an option when the system you use includes prints or albums for your clients to buy. It’s a win-win!

Editing Software

Let’s just cut to the chase, get LIGHTROOM. Sometimes photographers don’t want to make the investment, so they beat around the bush and use a variety of apps. If you’re serious about being a professional photographer just bite the bullet and get Lightroom. Every photographer uses it (with a rare exception) and there’s a reason why it’s the best and will do everything you need. Invest in Lightroom so that you can learn about it, get the hang of it & use it forever!

There you have it. The three must-haves for your photography business! You can thank us later.

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