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Our Senior Spokesmodel program is a group of rad ladies who are excited about photo shoots, throwing confetti, and celebrating their senior year. We utilize these ladies to reach more senior clients and promote our brand, while showering them love and perks. Their number one responsibility as a spokesmodel is to refer friends & family to Cameron & Tia Photography.  But it's chill y'all! You just post on insta and come to fun photo shoots - that's it!  

class of 2022 applications are now open

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Are there any fees associated with being a spokesmodel?

There are no hidden fees or events that require payment as a part of the spokesmodel program! However, you are required to book your Senior Experience with Cameron & Tia, but you receive it at a discounted price (Senior Experiences are $750, you pay only $500). $250 is required to reserve your spot and $250 is due June 1st.


How will I know if I'm chosen for the team?

Applications will close on March 15th, 2021. Spokesmodels will be chosen immediately and applicants will be notified by March 19th, 2021.


What are my responsibilities as a spokesmodel?

Your number one responsibility as a spokesmodel is to refer friends and family to Cameron & Tia Photography for their senior portraits. This includes sharing on social media frequently, as well as excitedly participating in spokesmodel-related events.


What do I receive?

If you are chosen as a Class of 2022 Spokesmodel, you receive countless perks including participation in an Intro Modeling Shoot, first dibs to schedule your Senior Experience, digital images from all of our shoots, and a new group of friends!


Do my parents need to be involved?

Yes! We ask that you please make your parents aware of the spokesmodel program and let them know that you are applying. We will reach out to your parents about the spokesmodel program if you are chosen as a part of the team to ensure that they are on board and aware of your responsibilities as a spokesmodel. Let them know about your application so they aren't surprised by our email! 


How long am I apart of the team?

Your term as a Spokesmodel begins in January when your application is accepted, and ends on June 15th, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Investment?

$1,700  $500

you pay only:

Let's break it down

Intro Modeling Session with Cameron & Tia (Valued at $750)

Senior Experience with Cameron & Tia (Valued at $750)

Optional Graduation Shoot (Valued at $500)

Digital images from all of our shoots to post and share as you please!

Meet your new besties from other schools (Priceless)

($250 due to reserve your spot and $250 due june 1st)

Ready to Apply?

We can't wait to have you as a 2022 Senior Spokesmodel! Make sure to read the FAQs above and make sure you are prepared to commit!

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