Sparkler Exits for the Books

Sep 26

Ah the classic and romantic sparkler exit pictures. We are obsessed with them and totally recommend them! However, we know what you might be thinking… that it sounds like a lot of work or potentially dangerous. We love shooting sparkler exits and it’s actually more simple than you think!

Sparkler Exit Minnesota

Why Do a Sparkler Exit?

Sparkler exit in minnesota wedding

Option 1: Small & Intimate

The first way to do one is to have it be with just your bridal party and family, and to do it when the dance floor is open. The benefit of this is that it’s easier to manage and rally everyone together in order to go outside. It’s a smaller group and a little more intimate with your closest loved ones.

Option 2: Big & Bold

The second way is to have everyone participate at the every end of the night, or right before the reception (here’s a sparkler exit right before the reception). Depending on your guest count, this might mean hundreds of people or maybe it’s still smaller. Either way you can everyone come out. That doesn’t mean that everyone has to have a sparkler, it just means they’re involved. The best part is that no one is left out and it’s a fun activity that everyone will remember.

Minnesota wedding sparkler exit

Which Sparklers Should You Use?

There are a lot of sparklers out there and we want to make sure you choose the ones that are best suited for your wedding. First off, sparklers come in different sizes but we recommend not going any less than 30 inches, no matter how many people you have joining in on your exit. This way there’s enough time to light each sparkler and take great pictures without having to re-light and re-stage the whole thing. Think about it like this, the more people you have the longer the sparklers should be, that way you can account for all the time it will take to light each one. Also, if possible, try for sparklers that burn with more of a white light. Those that sparkler with colors (green, pink, or orange) don’t turn out quite as romantic. HERE are ones we absolutely love!!

Sparkler Safety

If your wedding is like a majority of weddings, there will be some (okay maybe a lot) of drinking, so make sure you designate 1 responsible person to be in charge of the sparklers. If you have a wedding planner choose them, otherwise pick someone who you know isn’t interested in drinking a lot, that way you’re not “taking away” anyone’s fun. Have that person actually read the instructions and safety guidelines that come with your sparklers too! Think of sparklers like cats: they can be beautiful but they can also be dangerous!

Minnesota wedding sparkler exit

Hopefully this will help you get started with planning out your big sparkler exit. Get this party started!! You’re going to love having sparkler photos!!

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