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How to Photograph + Posing for Guys | PART TWO

We know how much you guys like to see these behind the scenes of us posing at a REAL shoot. So today we have a senior boy BTS!

We know how much you guys like to see these behind the scenes of us posing at a REAL shoot. So, we have posing for guys PART TWO! Make sure to check out part one HERE. In this video you get to see us posing and directing our senior boy. We like to keep it moving and engaging so that the energy is never lost. This is especially important for senior boys because they may come in a little timid to begin with! These behind the scenes videos can be so educational and we want you to ask questions so, leave them in the comments of this video! Enjoy!

Our seniors are probably about 90% girls. That just what we attract most of with our brand! It is important for me to remember that I need to approach a boys senior session different than I would a girls. I want to keep it casual and chill energy for my boy seniors. I like to ease into the session with most boys and not come out with wild energy right out of the gates like I do with most girl seniors!

Allow the seniors personality to guide your poses and how you approach the session. Try not to put pressure on the senior to feel like he has to act or provide in any certain way. Use the time to get to know the senior and how he works to help guide the session.

As always we hope you enjoyed watching this video! We love sharing our behind the scenes of shoots. It’s so fun fun to do and we know how much you guys love to watch it! Remember to subscribe to our Youtube Channel so you don’t miss out on more videos like this one! We will see you next Thursday with a new video!

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