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How to go VIRAL on Instagram Reels (Advanced Guide)

Cameron and Tia share 4 tips to help you get your Instagram Reels to go viral. These tips you wont want to miss.

Today we are coming at you with another video on IG Reels! It is so important that you understand how to use Reels and how to get your IG Reels seen! So, we are sharing 4 tips on how to help your IG Reels go VIRAL! If you haven’t seen our first YouTube video on going viral. Click Here. Knowledge is power! Enjoy!

Higher Quality

Instagram has been pushing high quality content. This is referring to the actual quality of the camera that you are using. Not how much time you are spending on it! So take out your DSLR and start recording!

Create Something that is Shareable

Making your content shareable is something that can really help push your content! People love to share entertaining and educational videos with their friends and family! So, make something that you think people would want to share. But, remember to not make it obvious that you are trying to get them to share your content that can be cheesy and push people away from it. Hint at it.

Create a WTF moment

Create a double take moment! People just scroll and scroll and scroll so make content that is out of the ordinary that is going to get your audience to STOP. So, this could be a crazy pose or a crazy moment during a wedding. Get creative!

Create Something Wrong

People LOVE to correct people. It’s important that you don’t make something offensive but more of a mess up. A great example of this is typing something out and saying “your” instead of “you’re”! People go crazy!

As always we hope you enjoyed this video and are able to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your own content! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so that you don’t miss out on educational videos like this one. Until then enjoy and we will see you next Thursday.

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