How To Prep to Photograph your First Wedding

Jul 30

Let’s prep for a flawless wedding day together!! Whether you’re completely new to photography or a photographer just starting to shoot weddings, this video is for you. I’m breaking down our entire system to create a smooth wedding!

Leading Up To The Wedding Day

Creating a Timeline After Booking

We draft a FULL day-of timeline for our clients after they book with us. This is what we consider a starter-schedule that includes questions about their preferences, like if they’re cutting the cake or doing a first look. We do this because even if we’re still a year away from the wedding, they can use this as a draft as they plan more in detail. This way, we already know lighting is right and we have enough time to accomplish what they need. If they have a wedding planner, then they’re able to pass this draft along for the planner to fill in with the rest of their details.

Questionnaire & Family Shot List

Six weeks out from the wedding day, we send a MASSIVE questionnaire. By then, they know what they’d like and if they do have any additional questions there’s still time to chat without bothering them one week away from their wedding. We include everything we could need to know like the first name’s of their bridal party or their vendors or what they’re excited for. The biggest piece is a family shot list. We don’t make assumptions about how their family operates or their family dynamic. We want to know exactly what shots they want to better serve them.

The Week-Of Plan

Game Plan For Your Lenses

Take your time to write down every part of the day and what lens you’re going to use when. Talk about research! Look through pictures of the venue and figure which lens would work best in that space. It’s not something you have to stick to but it will help you get organized.

Pack Your Gear & Backups Galore

Pack everything early so you don’t have to rush the night before. Plus backup batteries are a MUST. Create a small charging station in your home to get flash batteries & camera batteries juiced up. Make sure everything’s accounted for & know that it’s better to have too many backups than not enough.

Clean Your Lenses

It’s good to do this before every wedding. Make sure the lens is nice and clean and looking fresh. The worst thing is having to pause in the middle of a shoot for YOU to clean your lens when you could have easily done it ahead of time.

Prep an Emergency Kit

Bobby pins, deodorant, pens, mints, mini scissors… honestly, the list goes on. Pack anything and everything you think you or your clients might need. Plus prep a mini detail kit (click here for our kit) so that you have every little thing to get the beautiful flat lays and detail shots.

Pick Out Your Outfit

Do your laundry and pick out what you’re going to wear ahead of time. Personally, I love a good jumpsuit or midi skirt so that I can move around easily. Also, SPANX and POCKETS are essential… you can thank me later. Be as comfortable as you can. Plus don’t forget your shoes. I find that I like to change my shoes halfway through the day. For example, a sandal for the crazy day and a nice pair of flats for when guests arrive.


Prep your mind. Your first wedding will be scary but know that you are prepared and in control. You are confident and you are ready. You will thrive!

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