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Go Daddy’s Icons of Minneapolis Filming | Behind the Scenes

two entrepreneurs hosting a youtube series

Want to see us do something crazy?! We were asked to host a Youtube series for GoDaddy’s Icons of Minneapolis. So, we’re bringing you through our two full days of filming with the production crew so you can see ALLLL of the behind the scenes! Let’s do this! Today we are on location in Minneapolis […]

Want to see us do something crazy?! We were asked to host a Youtube series for GoDaddy’s Icons of Minneapolis. So, we’re bringing you through our two full days of filming with the production crew so you can see ALLLL of the behind the scenes! Let’s do this!

Today we are on location in Minneapolis on Pillsbury Street and we are doing our first recording day, so here we go! We’ll take you along with us.

Arriving for First Day of Filming

We arrived at the mansion where they were setting up and it was a full blown production. We didn’t really know what to expect, but we did know that one piece was going to be scripted and then an interview portion. Then, we chatted with the two producers who gave us a run down of how the day was going to look. 

When GoDaddy first reached out to us, we honestly thought it was a fake promo email, or we get a lot of partnership requests that really don’t mean anything and they’re just for trade. Then, we hopped on a zoom call with them and it was for real, for real. We were really excited about it! Once we were approved, we hopped on another call with GoDaddy and Casual Films. Casual Films is this production team that you see here. Casual Films was setting us all up, all of them were coming into Minnesota except for two of them, and then they produced this whole thing. 

Set Up by Casual Films

One of the producer fed us the scripted lines while we took turns reading them. 

For the most part, this scripted section went pretty well. We would flub up here and there, but in general I think that this went great. From here, we went into a series of interview questions. This interview portion was our commentary on the other Icons, the other businesses in Minneapolis. It was pretty tough for us! 

The general structure of the series is that there is an intro video which intros the city and the general entrepreneurial community. Then, there’s a separate video for each icon, including us.

Lunch Break!

We recorded for the morning and now we’re taking a lunch break. Kofta, this is pretty hard. This is the interview portion of the day, so hopefully walking around the city will be easier. We’ll see! 

I asked Shelby what she thinks and she said, “it’s going great! They’re killin’ it. They’re doing so good!”

Second Half of the Day!

Fortunately, it did get easier. Once we got out of those interviews, they filmed a bunch of B roll for GoDaddy’s Icons of Minneapolis. That included us just walking around, snuggling, which were really natural to us as photographers who do posing. Everything was pretty smooth sailing, except for the occasional run in to each other? But other than that, it was great!

We finished up our interview, then we walked around the area and park. Some of the places we went were The Blaisdell, we used their mural, and then we went to the park by the MIA. We walked around, had our cameras, took photos, and walked around a lot. 

Now we’re heading to Ichigo Tokyo Crepes! This is one of the Icons, Mia’s, business and we’re going to get a little B roll of us opening the door and walking in. Things like that! We’re super excited! Mia has crepes that are artistic Tokyo crepes and she has boba tea! Then, we’re going to head to Guacaya Bistro and see Pedro, who is the chef! We are pumped! 

We are now in the North Loop and made it to Guacaya Bistro where we are going to take some B roll and some yummy food!

Day 2 – In-Home Recording

Day 2 was a lot easier. We were in home which was comfy, cozy and we were also talking about our business! We had answers for things that we had slowly and meticulously developed over the years. It was much easier. 

The day started with our interview. Again, it went so smooth! Then, we recorded some Youtube shorts. After that, we got a lot of B roll. You probably already saw, but if you haven’t! Check out our Youtube video of us building these built ins. This was the reason why we were hustling. We wanted to have it done. 

They did so much cool lighting, like a big light stand out on the porch. You can see the final product of it from their camera screen. It was SO worth it to hustle and get our built ins done. 

After that, they did some B roll of Cam. He edited, did some typing and then used this camera called a probe. They used the probe to get so, so close to get footage of his eye. They also got him using his Loupedeck editing, it was super cool. Bella even got to be a part of it! 

After that, we invited some friends over. Shelby and Juan were our mock couple for us, where we did a shoot and a consult. We then hosted a party for our friends.

Party Time!

We are so thankful to our friends that joined us for GoDaddy’s Icons of Minneapolis filming! They absolutely rocked it out. We loved being able to show our love for hosting and charcuterie. In addition to hosting and charcuterie, we got to show so many different parts of our lives and our business that are important to us. From Aperol Spritz’s, to our home, to welcoming guests into our home for consults. We loved getting to showcase so many different things that are so valuable to us. And with that, we wrapped! With Olive’s Pizza! 

That’s a Wrap!

Okay guys, we are done! We just wrapped for GoDaddy’s Icons of Minneapolis and we are freaking exhausted. Two long days of filming, but we are so excited to see the end result! Our friends came over, we had sample consult, we had a shoot, we had a party with a charcuterie board and it was awesome. We are so thankful for this opportunity! It was the freaking coolest. 

WOOHOO! Until next time, bye!

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