Fun Wedding Ideas

Jul 22

We always encourage anything to make your day authentically you!! Change things up, toss traditions that aren’t meaningful to you out the window, and make your day amazing! To inspire, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite fun wedding ideas!

Here are a few ideas of some fun elements to make your photos unique:

Champagne pop: Bring out some champagne and we’ll shake it up and enjoy it! This could be with just the two of you or your bridal party!

Table Photo Bomb: want a photo of every single person at the reception but don’t want to stand around to make it happen? Instead, do a table photo bomb – it’s incredibly interactive for guests and typically takes two minutes to execute. Here’s what it is: we coordinate in advance with the DJ that right after the grand entrance he will announce that the bride and groom have one song on the clock to sprint around from table to table and get a picture with each of them. Each table must create their own pose. Then it’s on! Tia will direct you to each table and we’ll run around like crazy! Each table will have put something goofy together and will often tell you what to do. It’s fun because, in the end, you have a picture with each person at the wedding and often something that reflects their personality too!

Getaway Cars: We love a good getaway car! It’s a super fun photo-op from
the ceremony to the reception (even if you’re not changing locations) and you’ll get some amazing photos with it. A lot of rental companies will rent some really awesome things and it’s more affordable than you probably think!

Puppies: self-explanatory, bring your furry friends to the wedding! There’s always a good time to get some pictures with them and luckily, there are now companies that take care of your animals for the day and then bring them when needed and take them home when you’re finished.

Sparkler Exits (or any other sort of exit – leaves, glitter, confetti poppers,
ribbons, bubbles, lavender): DO IT! These don’t have to be at the end of the night. They can be at the end of the ceremony, entering the reception, just something fun for bridal party photos, the options are endless!

Bubble wedding day exit

Sparkler Fun/Fake Exit: If you are doing a sendoff (like sparklers) after we
leave but aren’t looking to have us stay around until then, we can do a fake send off with your bridal party so you don’t miss out on pictures. Once it’s dark, we have a scheduled time that we’ll grab the bridal party and just pull them outside to do it. It typically only takes about five minutes. This way you get the shot but don’t have to add any additional coverage. We have a number of couples who don’t even do a sparkler exit, but just do a fake one instead! Buy the super long sparklers and have plenty of lighters on hand and you’re ready to go!

Do you need these things on your wedding day? Heck no! Again, we want you to have a day that feels authentically you. But if something on this list does feel like your jam, let’s freakin’ do it! We can’t wait to do some of these fun wedding ideas!

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