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5 Canva Tips & Tricks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Today we breaking down 5 Canva tips and tricks that will change the GAME! We will cover features and thing you might not have known about!

Today we breaking down 5 Canva tips and tricks that will change the GAME! We will cover features and thing you might not have known about! If you are a business or content creator and are not using Canva, it is a MUST. Canva makes taking your business to the next level easy and exciting! So stick around and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out!

Style Tab

The Styles tab is AMAZING for businesses! Once you have uploaded your brand colors and brand fonts to Canva, you can quickly and simply change any design to your branding with the click of a button. The style tab allows you to click on your fonts for a quick font change or a quick click to change to your branding colors. If you keep clicking it will allow you to shuffle through different variations to easily find the best combination! How amazing is that? Also, if you don’t have branding imported, Canva has tons of trending colors and fonts for you to choose from as well!

Searching Elements that Fit your Brand

Canva has an amazing feature that allows you to take the color code from your brand colors, and search for elements and photos that would match that brand color! This is such an amazing feature, especially if you are creating content that needs images, fun stickers or if your trying to create mood boards!

Favoriting Templates

Canva has SO many templates to choose from and sometimes it can be hard to find one that you like and fits your brand. But, once you find one you like you can favorite the template saving it into your likes folder! The likes folder makes it SUPER easy for you to find and use all the templates you’ve favorited and LOVE! On top of this, while you are viewing your favorite templates you can see view more from the artist that made them.

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Did you know that Canva also can be used for Wedding Invitations?

  • Hundreds of templates that you can personalize
  • Millions of FREE images and illustrations to choose from
  • An option to have your designed invitations printed using eco-conscious materials 😌 💯
  • Various material choices if you want to have them delivered right to your doorstep for FREE 
  • The opportunity to collaboratively design your wedding invitations with your friends and family all at the same time 

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