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Behind the Scenes of Bridal Party Posing at a REAL WEDDING!

Watch us behind the scenes while we work with a REAL bridal party on a wedding day! Remember to keep it engaging and fun!

Today we have a behind the scenes look into us working with a REAL bridal party! Behind the scenes are such an amazing learning opportunity. You get to see how we work with the bridal party to keep it engaging, up beat and fun for everyone involved. If you have any questions about how we shoot or guide our bridal parties leave them in the comments of this video! Again, we had so much fun with this amazing group so ENJOY!!

Three Tips to Think About While Shooting Bridal Portraits

Keep it Fun and Engaging

You do not want people standing around and being bored, keep it moving and keep it fast paced!

Sympathize with Them

If it’s a really hot day or if they had to drive to get to the location, tell them you understand and want to do the best that you can do get these photos done quickly.

Always Reward All-Stars

If someone is going above and beyond and bringing the energy, tell them you love it! Reward big energy!

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