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Week in the Life of Minneapolis Wedding Photographers during Busy Season

week in the life of minneapolis wedding photographers during busy season

Today is Monday morning and we are going to be taking you through a week in the life! It is the second week of October, we are in the thick of busy season, and we wanted to take you along for the ride. Let’s go! We are currently editing all hours of the night, […]

Today is Monday morning and we are going to be taking you through a week in the life! It is the second week of October, we are in the thick of busy season, and we wanted to take you along for the ride. Let’s go!

We are currently editing all hours of the night, we have tons of sessions, we took more family mini sessions than in any years in the past. We also have so much content to get through and we have a lot of shoots this week. Shoots, consults, and we finish the week with a double header. So, we have two weddings on Friday and Saturday. We’re going to take you along for some pieces of our week, thanks for tuning in to our week in the life!

Day One – Monday!

We’ll start the week in the life vlog on Monday morning! Every Monday begins with prepping for the wedding’s later this week! So I send them a confirmation email, we make sure that they’re timelines and shot lists are good to go, we post them on Facebook, we post them on Instagram, and we put together the images that will go on the iPad for their same day slideshow!

We worked this morning until about 10:30 and then we packed up, brought Bella over to my parent’s, and now we are on the road! Now, we are headed to the North Shore, we are going to Black Sand Beach and Palisade Head which are two of our absolute favorite locations. We are going to shoot Josie & Logan’s engagement session! Then we are actually going to drive back down tonight.

We are pulling up to Black Sand Beach where we are going to start Josie & Logan’s engagement session. Then after that, we’ll finish at Palisade Head. It’s going to be a super fun session!

We had the absolute best time with Josie & Logan. They are both just electric and they have the best personalities. It was a fun little evening, I mean look at that sunset! Then we headed home and drove into the dark to get back!

Day Two – Tuesday!

Day 2, it is Tuesday! We got home late last night, we drove until like midnight and then got home and went to sleep. This morning, I woke up and I’ve been tidying up the house because we have cleaners coming in. We recorded with GoDaddy last week and due to Covid, whenever there’s a gathering, they compensate for having cleaners come in! So they’re coming this morning so I was tidying up so they could access the areas to clean.

This morning, I am editing Youtube and I’m also editing some video content that is going to be products in our shop, or like guides for the products that’s launching next week! I’m going to dig in and do some computer work!

It is now 4:15pm and we are heading to an engagement session for Brooke & Seth! Today, Cam has been working on just culling and editing like crazy. Like a MAD MAN, he is so freaking busy. So we’re heading to Lyndale Park in Lake Harriett, the couple got engaged in Lyndale Park so this should be super fun! Actually, it’s a very hot fall day, it’s 81 degrees out but it’s really windy so I guess that kind of helps. It’ll be a great session! 

Brooke & Seth got Bella a little toy and this is her favorite squishy material! That is so nice of them! Here’s some footage of Bella receiving her gift and LOVING it!

We got a quick dinner on the way home and now we are home for Zoom consult! We are meeting with a couple that is getting married at Bavaria Downs next October! So this is where we are going to be sitting and this is our set up, can’t wait!

Day Three – Wednesday!

What up! It’s mid-week, almost half way through our week in the life vlog! It is 4:00pm and it is my first time checking in today because I have been YouTubin’ it up. We have two videos going live. One is the process of us building the built ins you see behind me and the other is like a part two showing us styling them and how we put together the gallery wall! So I’ve been working on those all day and I got groceries quick, went to the chiropractor quick, and I’m back! We have an in-person consult with a couple so I’ll make a little charcuterie board and we’ll get out our album and our computer and everything. 

Here’s some footage of me making my charcuterie board for the consult! Also, some footage of me setting up all the goodies for the consult. 

Day Four – Thursday!

Good morning, it is Thursday! I am starting off the day by taking Bella out, it’s getting cold here over night! We had that consult last night that went wonderful. Bella was obsessed with them, constantly bonking them with her toys. The Zoom consult from Tuesday booked an hour later that night, so we onboarded them all yesterday. Today, I’m going to do a huge mixture of some more video content. I always underestimate how long it’s going to take me to edit Youtube videos. I thought I was going to cruise through like seven videos of Tuesday, but I edited a bunch yesterday and still need to edit some today.

If it’s not rainy, I’m also going to mow the lawn. During busy, busy season, I pick up a lot of Cameron’s home tasks if I can, so like getting groceries yesterday, mowing the lawn, those kinds of things. That helps him out so that he can stay on track with editing. So I’ll take you along! 

Successful errands, now it’s time to edit and do some voiceovers for Youtube.

Day Five – Friday!

Yesterday was a purely work day. We rescheduled a shoot last night to later in the motn. It was super cold, it was raining on and off and actually ended up snowing last night! But, we rescheduled that so we had a full workday. 

Cam was busy editing yesterday. He was busy editing previews for the two engagement sessions you saw from earlier this week so that they could get a little taste! After, he delivered a wedding gallery this week. 

So today, we are heading to Toria & Nick’s wedding. During this week in the life vlog, you’ll get to see two weddings! For today, there’s snow on the ground, it stuck overnight. It’s October 14th, but this is the start of our last double header of the season and our last drive to Rochester! 

Here’s some footage from their wedding day! 

Day Six – Saturday!

Hello! Today is day two of our double header! Cam says that yesterday went great and feelin’ funky fresh today! Today we are so excited, we are at Bearpath which is super close to us. We’ve had an average of probably an hour and a half drive to all of our weddings this year. We just haven’t had that many in the cities. We’re photographing Mariah & Parker’s wedding. They are just so freaking fun. After their engagement session, we left just so excited and pumped because they are just giddy, amazing humans. We also photographed Mariah’s brother’s wedding back in 2018 so it’ll be super awesome to work with their family again. They are all so incredibly wonderful. It’s going to be a great day! 

Here’s some footage from their wedding day!

End of the night vlog, we are done with our double header! We killed it! 

Day Seven – Sunday!

Happy Sunday! Last day of our week in the life vlog! Today is our first wedding that we do not have shoots or consults in like a month. Normally we don’t schedule anything on Sundays, but some had to squeeze in a session in the fall and mini sessions that were planned, we’ve just had some stuff on Sunday’s. I’m so excited to be back to a normal routine. I have so much stuff to get done today!

Cam will cull both of the weddings from this weekend, then they will be narrowed, I will flag the blog post previews, and then we will start editing those. It’s kind of crazy because we always have to work on Sundays. Especially Cam when there are weddings, so we can get our Tuesday blog posts out. But it’s a little more casual of work!

One thing I’m going to do, I’m going to drop of a gift at a couple’s that just booked with us that consult that we had on Wednesday! We normally don’t bring it to them, we normally send gifts to them and it’s a surprise when it gets to their door but they’re trying to squeeze in a fall engagement session this coming week so I’m dropping off the gift for them. It’s a welcome gift from White Spruce Market. We do all of our gifting through them, they are absolutely incredible and we love the gifts that they put together for us.

So I now need to write the card that’s going to go with this couples gift. Normally, it’s written for us by White Spruce Market with a message that we give them, but since we’re delivering it, I need to write a note! I guess this wasn’t officially on the to-do list, but I had to stop by Caribou. I got a pumpkin white mocha! The cooler hits. I don’t normally get blended drinks anywhere besides Caribou, but something about them is so much better! 

Wrapping it up!

I was crushin’ goals and let’s get outside for a little bit! This feels like it might be one of the last few days of fall before all of the leaves drop. Our neighborhood connects to Carver Park Reserve so I hopped on the trail. It goes from our neighborhood, underneath Highway 7, into Carver Park Reserve. So I biked to Lowry Nature Center and I’m seven miles in! A lot of the trees have lost their colors but still lots of fall vibes. It’s definitely getting chilly, it’s 36 today but I haven’t gotten outside this fall as much so it was worth it. 

Back from the bike ride and this is where I’m going to wrap up the vlog. The week in the life vlog was super fun, I loved doing it! The reason I thought I would do a week in the life vlog is because when we were first here doing Youtube, we did a vlog of every week of December. I absolutely love looking back on those, it gives me such good vibes, serotonin high. So I wanted to try it again and see if it was fun to do! Let me know if you guys like the week in the life vlogs, or if it’s something you want to see more of.

Until next time, bye!

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