5 Fun Couples Prompts for Joyful & Authentic Photos

Oct 29

Ahhh you all know we LOVE posing & prompts so much. So we’re giving you 5 AH-mazing prompts to bring out all of the laughter & joy from your clients. Not only for some gorgeous & timeless photos but for a wonderful experience too!


How to Deliver Prompts

90% Accuracy & 10% Intentional Inaccuracy

Yes, you the photographer are in charge. So lead them through the session, AND also allow them to make their session their own. Give them room to explore prompts & put their personality in it. Let them feel it & own prompts!

Cue Start to Finish

Make sure you have cues for them to start and end the prompt. This way they can feel comfortable knowing they can trust you to be there for them. Plus, it would be super awkward for you to tell them the prompt and NOT tell them when to start or stop.

Give Positive Reinforcement

Are they snuggling perfectly or are you loving how the guy is wrapping her up? Reinforce the actions that you love. Over communicate when you love something and praise the heck out of them! This way they can feel confident and take even more ownership in the prompt!

5 Prompts for Couples

Walking on a Tightrope

The couples will hold hands and then tell ONE person to walk on a tightrope. The person not walking on the tightrope will guide the other away from the camera.

Walk Down the Aisle the First Time

Before they’re wedding we love to have prompts that guide them to picture their wedding day. I’ll even announce them & have them share a first kiss. There are always so many genuine emotions that come from this prompt!

Who can rub their noses cuter

It’s a cute competition. So we’ll cue them when to switch & they’ll take turns rubbing their nose & trying to be as cute as possible. People can get crazy and nuzzle everywhere which brings out all the giggles.

Touch Nose to Fav Facial Feature

They’ll stand chest to chest and I’ll give them a moment to think about their favorite facial feature on the other person. Then I’ll have one person go, and there will be some anticipation where they might giggle or smile. Then they might touch an eyebrow or something the other person didn’t know, and they will laugh out loud.

Kiss 3 Spots on Her Face

This is a nice and easy prompt that is super attainable & not intimidating. They’re chest-to-chest, looking toward each other. Then I’ll cue the guy to kiss his 3 favorite spots on her face. After that, we’ll step it up & challenge him to kiss her 3 more spots but not on her face. These can be cute and funny!

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