4 Tips for Second Shooting at a Wedding

Oct 15

You got your first second-shooting gig, so now what?! Here are our four tips for being the absolute BEST second shooter. Not only will these tips help you prep, but they will ensure an amazing experience for you, the photographer, and their clients!


Get Expectations

Chat with the first-shooter & get on the same page. It’s as simple as setting up a 10-minute call a few days before the wedding. Talk about what they expect, whether you’re by their side or if you split up. It’s very important to know what you’re going to do so that you can prep for the tasks ahead of time & not be suddenly shocked when you realize you’re doing the groomsmen pictures! Seriously, there’s so much you’ll want to touch base on.

Go Above & Beyond

Think of everything and anything. For instance, you can bring water & snacks, call out who’s on-deck for the family shot list, or lend a helping hand to their clients. Think ahead & do what you can to make the day easier on the first-shooter AND the couple. Be the first person to jump in.

Ask Simple Questions During Down-time

Remember, this is not a free mentor session. So know that it’s okay to ask questions, but keep them simple and during breaks. Nothing stresses us out more than when we’re busy and then someone asks us a complicated question. Do not ask a crazy question during bridal party photos! Learn when it’s appropriate.

Ask for Feedback

Ask for feedback at the end of the day AND after the images have been delivered. At the end of the day, feedback will center around you and how you work. So, how you interact with couples or handle stress. Once the images have been delivered, feedback will center around what you produced. The angle of your shot, or the focus of the image. Get all the feedback that you can!!

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