3 Steps to Making Your Couples Comfortable

Aug 27

We know how important it is to get your couples to feel super comfortable during a couples photography session, the worst thing is when everyone feels super awkward. So we’re telling you our first 3 steps that we do with every single couple to make them feel right at home with us!

Big Hugs All Around

Admittedly we aren’t doing this currently (during COVID) but we would normally welcome our couples with a big warm hug. This shows that we’re more than a transaction, we’re friends and we’re here to support them

Shower a Sweet Compliment

There’s typically a little bit of stress even when there’s a guide book, so we want to put that anxious energy at ease. By showering them with genuine compliments the nervous thoughts will be immediately dispelled.

Recall a Personal Detail

Pull something out of your mind from the consult or previous conversations and ask about it. Talk about how their bathroom remodels is or how their new baby niece is. This gives us a starting point to create conversation and continue to chat as we travel between locations. PLUS this continues to keep their mind off of any nervous thoughts.

We just broke down the first 5 minutes of starting a session. Want to conquer the next 10 minutes of your photo session? Get our guide book HERE!

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